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culture and values

in the early days of enspired, our CEO Jürgen Mayerhofer said that growth should not kill innovation, and these words are now ingrained in our DNA. in a startup, you have to move fast and be able to adapt to new situations at a moment's notice because things tend to change suddenly and without warning. rapid growth, by nature, carries the risk of stifling innovation. but we refuse to sacrifice one for the other. we give people space and time to contribute, to rethink a process, to study and pitch their ideas. the way we think, act and interact shapes the personality of our organization.

at enspired, everyone’s opinion is valued – we embrace individual contributions. you are encouraged to take responsibility from day one, but you are never left alone. our working environment is as fun as it is welcoming. we foster respect, inclusivity and collaborative efforts to ensure that growth, in fact, does not kill our innovation.

“growth should not kill innovation.”

Jürgen Mayerhofer
ceo & co-founder

we got you!

we care about the happiness of our employees and offer great benefits in line with our culture and values to make your life easier.

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modern situations require modern setups. our hybrid working model with home office and remote options as well as autonomous time management is a game changer.

work-life balance

we understand the importance of the work-life balance. recreation is key to thriving professionally. that's why we give our employees 30 days of vacation per year.

sustainability & free stuff

we offset your carbon footprint once a year and further reduce CO2 emissions by providing free lunch (with plant-based options), fruit, fairtrade coffee and public transport ticket.

learnings & development

we support your educational and professional growth, providing access to an office library, learning journeys & development programs to advance your skill set.

getting connected

to stay in touch with everyone, we host regular virtual coffee breaks (games included) as well as legendary team events featuring laser tag, escape rooms and more.

state-of-the-art equipment

complete (home) office gear at your disposal! choose your favourite mobile phone and preferred operating system. our IT crowd will make all the arrangements.


attention travel lovers! you dream of working from abroad? our policy with 60 days of remote work from anywhere in the world gives you that freedom.

support system

every single member of the enspired family is always happy to help or point you in the direction of someone who can. ask questions, voice your concerns. we hear you!

the enspired experience
in the words of our colleagues

“I enjoy working with colleagues from other countries and different backgrounds because it sparks creativity and broadens my understanding of various topics.”

Christoph Schreiber
senior finance advisor
Christoph Schreiber

“the people here are smart, like-minded, helpful, caring and valued. we all work in our own expert fields, but there is a collective purpose that connects us all."

Magda Bieńkowska
senior growth expert
Magda Bieńkowska enspired
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about us

who we are

our mission and vision are inextricably linked to our personal values. it is paramount for our work culture that our views on innovation, respect and sustainability align.

enspired team

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meet the gang

we are all specialists in our respective fields, which ensures in-house expertise across the entire power trading chain. we welcome newcomers with open arms and make sure you feel part of the group.

enspired how we hire

how we hire

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unsure how to go about applying with us? don't worry! we provide a step-by-step overview to guide you through the application process - from first contact to the benefits you'll have at enspired.

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we are always looking for promising individuals to join our team and would love to hear from you. if none of the vacancies seem like the right fit, we're happy to receive your speculative application.