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power assets

flexibility and cross-market optimization

what we trade: from battery storage to renewable generation


battery storage battery optimization

battery storage

battery energy storage systems (BESS) absorb and release energy through charging and discharging processes. with the power to flexibilize inherently inflexible energy sources, batteries are the carriers of the sustainable electricity system we are working to build.

VPP virtual power plant

virtual power plants

virtual power plants (VPPs) aggregate power assets such as batteries, wind turbines and photovoltaics into one big virtual electricity supply system with a shared control hub. this decentralized approach scales the potential of residential flexibility to new heights.

flexible generation flexibility trading

flexible generation

flexible generation refers to power plants that can quickly adjust their output in response to changes in supply and demand. by promoting flexibility, conventionals can facilitate the integration of renewables and support the energy transition in a meaningful way.

pumped storage hydropower energy storage

pumped storage

highly flexible in the holding and releasing of capacity, pumped storage is a mechanism that stores energy by pumping water from a lower to a higher reservoir. even though its logistics can be tricky, hydropower is the largest renewable energy source globally.

flexible demand demand response energy supply

flexible demand

flexible demand is the ability to align energy patterns with grid needs and price signals. typical scenarios include smart charging and industrial processes. strategizing energy production and consumption in line with the greater supply and demand situation ensures cost-effective operation.

electric vehicles e-mobility v2g vehicle-to-grid

electric vehicles

e-mobility holds enormous potential for flexibility marketing. vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology mobilizes a new revenue stream by merging EV (electric vehicle) fleets with intuitive smart charging services to support the grid with bi-directional charging profiles.

renewable generation renewable energy renewables

renewable generation

renewable generation refers to energy production with sources that replenish naturally, including water, solar, and wind. often used as symbols for the energy transition, renewables are inherently volatile and require flexibility and storage options to balance out fluctuations.