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unleash your flexible assets

power trading as a service

high profitability | no risk | full transparency

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we drive the energy transition: by enabling our clients to bring flexible assets to European power spot markets and capture their full value with our AI-based trading services

we focus on supporting companies without intraday market access to commercially optimise their power portfolio's flexibility - we provide them with direct market access combined with the most progressive power trading services based on data, self-learning models and cutting-edge technology

our team consists of leading algorithmic traders, data scientists, software engineers and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that the way power is traded will soon change drastically - in our world, there is no room for trading screens and traditional optimisation

experienced team

we have been innovators in automated intraday trading since its inception and your very own digital trading team

high profitability

we use high-quality data to make real-time decisions and improve the performance of our self-learning models

full transparency

you get full transparency including strategy behaviour, order flow and real-time P&L - because it is your asset

direct market access

you get straight-forward access to intraday markets, ensuring minimum time to market for you

fair terms & conditions

you deserve a flexible way of working together - fair profit share | no risk | no minimum term | no hidden netting

Most market participants still have the opportunity to unlock value from their flexible assets by optimising them in the intraday market. We manage all trading and optimisation tasks for our clients while being fully transparent about the value of their flexibility. Jürgen Mayerhofer
ceo & co-founder

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our services

flexibility benchmark
power storage trading
power generation trading
residual position trading
flexibility benchmark

our flexibility benchmark gives you the baseline of on an optimal commercial model for your power asset operations

intraday power markets are the key market for capturing the value of flexible assets. Doing so requires tight integration of the technical capabilities of the asset and market dynamics in a seamless process. Fine-tuning this with advanced AI technology can make all the difference to the commercial operations of your asset.

your value

  • you capture the full trading profit
  • regular market calls with our experts for insights into the strategy behaviour and ongoing trading performance
  • you gain a detailed understanding of your asset’s profitability in the intraday market, based on real trading results


  • we optimise physical flexibility on your behalf for one month
  • trades will be executed by enspired in the intraday power market
  • we provide you with full transparency of the trading activity
  • project initiation and conclusion workshops for in-depth discussions
  • final summary report, which evaluates the P&L and trading results

supported assets

  • short-term storage (battery, pumped-storage)
  • e-mobility
  • thermal power plants
  • combined heat and power (CHP) plants
  • virtual power plants (VPP)
power storage trading

we lift power storage to a new level by integrating your storage assets into the intraday market using sophisticated trading strategies

short-term power storage is a game-changer for our electricity supply. The ability to shift power consumption and generation in time requires us to think differently about optimising energy flows. At enspired, we developed our very own algorithms for this, enhanced with the capabilities of latest AI technology, which we deploy in fully automated intraday trading for your benefit.

your value

  • capturing the value that power storage brings to the grid
  • direct market access and fully automated 24x7 trading
  • the know-how of an entire team of energy trading experts
  • fair profit share and terms

our service

  • proprietary optimisation and trading strategies for power storage
  • we reflect the specifications of your storage asset in every trade
  • intraday trades are executed by enspired and passed on
  • we provide you with fully transparency of the trading activity

supported assets

  • stationary battery storage
  • e-mobility
  • pumped-storage hydropower
power generation trading

we bring your flexible power generation to the intraday market and commercially optimise it to capture its full value for you

flexible power generation forms the backbone of today’s power grids. The intraday market is where supply and demand are balanced at short notice, providing financial returns for this flexibility. As the market continues to evolve, so do our tailored trading strategies to make sure we optimally capture this value for you.

your value

  • direct market access and fully automated 24x7 trading
  • improved prices through super-fast execution
  • your very own experienced digital trading team
  • fair profit share and terms

our service

  • we commercially optimise the dispatch of your power generation
  • we consider your day-ahead schedule and dynamic marginal costs
  • technical restrictions of your asset are integrated into our trading
  • intraday trades are executed by enspired and passed on
  • we provide you with fully transparency of the trading activity

supported assets

  • thermal power plants
  • combined heat and power (CHP) assets
  • virtual power plants (VPP)
residual position trading

we trade your intraday positions 24x7 without the need for market access, expensive shift teams or software development skills

no matter where your intraday power positions are coming from – renewable generation, balancing your sales portfolio, customer orders or simply taking advantage of favourable prices – just pass over your positions and we manage them for you in the market. Be it as a continuous process at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis – you set the tone and we execute.

your value

  • direct market access and fully automated 24x7 trading
  • improved prices and super-fast execution
  • your very own experienced digital trading team
  • fair profit share and terms

our service

  • lean and fully automated communication interfaces
  • only high-quality data is considered in trading decisions
  • we continuously improve our models and trading strategies
  • advanced trading behaviours such as index-pegged trading
  • your own real-time monitoring dashboard

supported assets

  • wind
  • solar
  • residual positions of any kind

enspired by

real-time integration of data

we collect, analyse and process the relevant data available on the market and utilise it for improved forecasting as well as real-time decision-making during execution

self-learning trading strategies

we leave programmatic approaches limited by human capabilities behind and augment our trading strategies with state-of-the-art AI technology

high accuracy of signals

we use only high-quality data and validated predictions during training and execution of our models to deliver stable and unmatched trading results

lightning-fast execution

we minimise round-trip times by cutting out unnecessary interfaces and deploying only the fastest technology stack to squeeze out the last milliseconds

automation of trading processes

we designed our platform for fully-automated trading using a modular architecture to leverage economies of scale and to pass on cost advantages

r&d-driven culture

our data scientists are working with cutting-edge AI technology to delegate full decision power to our models while keeping trading results consistent and explainable


current best practice

enspired approach


a few data sources for strategy development and backtesting
evaluation and use of all available and relevant data sources


algorithms based on if/then principles that cannot learn by themselves
self-learning models able to improve and develop trading strategies


outdated technology stack resulting in lagging decision-making
faster execution of trading strategies achieving better prices


algorithms require high level of customisation for each use case
high scalability through generic models that customise themselves

enspired by
our team


Jürgen Mayerhofer

ceo & co-founder

18 years experience in energy & technology | former CEO of leading algo-trading software provider VisoTech | Stanford GSB corporate innovation | MBA in energy management


Cornelia Habetler

chief financial officer

proven finance, M&A and HR skills in scaling companies | strategic budgeting | passion for company culture and sustainability | MSc in business process engineering & management


Larisa Chizhova

principal data scientist

at the forefront of building automated trading systems for power and gas | lead developer | passion for applied machine learning and data analysis | PhD in theoretical physics


Stefan Ring

principal developer

more than 15 years of experience building reliable back ends | extensive low-level knowledge | not going easy on undiagnosed problems | MSc in computer science

Johann Schütz

Johann Schütz

chief information officer

17 years experience in operating high-availability applications | CISO | strong hands-on mentality | GDPR expert | passion for designing and building scalable environments

enspired by
our jobs

data science engineer
take the initiative
data science engineer

join us and drive the energy transition

we are looking for a passionate data scientist with software engineering skills who wants to participate in building the most innovative energy trading platform on the planet.

accomplish "move 37" in energy trading

as part of our handpicked team of experts, you

  • discover new ways to optimise our automated trading strategies,
  • research and apply the latest deep learning methods in trading,
  • translate your insights into code used in our trading platform,
  • improve technical infrastructure, architecture and quality of data,
  • visualise data to monitor our systems and trading behaviour.

how you fit into the team

you want to participate in the transition to clean energy and

  • value great team spirit, startup culture and creative freedom,
  • bring applied experience with the latest deep learning technology,
  • have excellent knowledge of data science tools and packages,
  • bring extensive expertise with software engineering practices,
  • enjoy solving complex problems independently as well as in a team.

what's in it for you?

we believe in transparency and keep our colleagues updated on every aspect of our business. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of benefits

  • flexible working hours & working from home
  • direct access to public transport (2 min U6)
  • choose your favourite mobile and OS
  • a friendly office with regular fruit delivery
  • free lunch, fair-trade coffee & paid break
  • regular social events and holiday party
  • offsetting your private CO2 emissions
  • the obligatory tournament football table
  • extensive support of lifelong learners


we are an equal opportunity employer and consider all qualified applicants. We offer an attractive salary which corresponds to your skills of at least EUR 4,000 gross per month (paid out 14 times per year).

if you think you would be a great fit, please reach out to Conny via

take the initiative

you think you would be a great fit, but we are currently not offering your dream job?

we operate in a dynamic environment and are open to new ideas and interesting people. As part of our next growth step, we will be looking for new colleagues in the areas of sales, data science, quantitative analysis and software engineering.


if you have an inspiring idea or just want to have a chat about future opportunities, reach out to Conny via

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