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the lifeblood of the power market

with a share of more than 70% of the total capacity, thermal power plants form the backbone of the energy market. due to their low-cost constructability and the sheer volume of flexibility they provide, there is currently no viable alternative to their system-sustaining function.

by promoting flexibility, thermal power plants can play a positive new role in the energy transition, facilitating an increased integration of renewable sources into the grid despite their unsteady nature.

CHP flexibility on intraday power market

"the closer to physical delivery you provide flexible generation, the bigger your contribution to balancing out grid fluctuations caused by renewables. don't just sell your flexiblity on day-ahead. go intraday and make more of it with our services!"

Onofrio Belviso
sales expert Italy & Nordics
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when trading a flexible asset, it must be considered that operating said asset is accompanied by different technical and commercial restrictions such as marginal prices for producing/buying back capacity, providing flexibility only at certain times/blocks of the day, ramps, minimum runtimes on load points and must-runs.

to keep up with the competition, there is no way around implementing algorithmic trading and automation for the entire trading value chain. take advantage of our fully automized trading service and make the most of your flexible assets to maximize your revenue potential.

you are not sure how to get started or do you just want to avoid the hassles of running your own modern intraday trading desk? at enspired, we assist you on your way to profiting from your increased flexibility. our team of experts in AI-based energy trading can help you in no time with full transparency and no risk.



which constraints do you consider when optimizing assets like CHPs?
how do you know how much flexibility is available for optimization?
what happens if my asset has unplanned downtime?
are you active only on the intraday power market?
which constraints do you consider when optimizing assets like CHPs?

the bare minimums are typically marginal costs for generation and buying-back-capacity sold long-term or in earlier market phases. if integrated with the technical optimization to reflect realistic asset constraints, we also consider discrete load points, ramps, minimum runtimes, must-runs and optional starts.

furthermore, our models can handle abrupt changes in available flexibility caused by technical issues or redispatch measures.

how do you know how much flexibility is available for optimization?

we typically align this on a case-by-case basis, ranging from daily flexibility updates to regular intraday changes as a result of technical optimization.

for single assets, we receive asset-specific information such as positive/negative flexibility including the respective marginal prices. for aggregated assets or assets with connected heat storage, we receive flexibility bandwidths, consisting of available capacity and energy over time.

what happens if my asset has unplanned downtime?

in our standard setup, you can update your available flexibility whenever you have new information available. in the case of unplanned downtime, the flexibility can be set to zero, and our models will trade positions back immediately, resulting in either a profit or a loss depending on recent price movements.

are you active only on the intraday power market?

our service is designed to be as complementary as possible so as to not interfere with your existing setup. we offer all market phases, from day-ahead and intraday auctions to continuous intraday markets. depending on your existing setup, we can execute specific market phases in addition to the standard offers.

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