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green new world

renewables like PV and wind parks need to be integrated into our grids despite the unsteady nature of their energy generation capacity. the efficient integration of renewables plays a crucial role in the energy transition.

in a world where renewable generation is running out of subsidies, it is ever more essential to achieve the best prices when balancing forecast deviation on spot markets. a fully digital process ensures consistent trading results and avoids imbalances.

renewable energy generation

"extracting flexibility from fluctuating renewables may be a core challenge of ensuring profitability in unstable market conditions, but we shape long-term solutions by operating renewable generation in a more flexible way."

Maximiliane Resch
digital marketing & PR professional
Maximiliane Resch

your competitive advantage with enspired

every new weather model or forecast update results in open positions and imbalance exposure in your balancing group. handing over these positions means you can rest assured 24/7, knowing everything is executed fully transparently and at the best price both in auctions and continuous trading.

benefit from our AI-based trading models to reduce high costs for your 24/7 trading desk, eliminating the risk of human error altogether. we train our models with your historical data to compensate for forecast bias and work with you to get the most out of your positions.

achieve better prices and improve your trading results when trading renewables by leveraging vast amounts of reliable data.

Maximilian Kloess oekostrom AG

"our environmental philosophy aligns 100 % with enspired’s, and we are thrilled to work with them on the implementation of climate solutions. by outsourcing our renewable position closings to them, we managed to cut our imbalance costs considerably. our shared goal of advancing the energy transition has us excited for future joint activities with the opportunity to explore co-location in the battery space."

Maximilian Kloess
managing director trading at oekostrom AG


are you a direct marketer in Germany?
is my renewables portfolio flexible?
what’s the added value of your service?
what does your typical customer look like?
how does a co-located battery next to my renewables factor in?
are you a direct marketer in Germany?

no, we are a trading company optimizing open positions resulting from forecast deviations with our Trading-as-a-Service offer. we focus on using renewables in a more flexible way than in the past decade.

is my renewables portfolio flexible?

most probably yes, we have an ecosystem of innovative partners who can analyze the flexibility potential of your assets. our part is the valuation of the flexibility potential including dispatch signals and execution on wholesale markets.

what’s the added value of your service?

we typically support customers with installed capacities of up to 500MW who want to avoid the costs and hassle of having a 24/7 in-house trading setup. our trading technology is extremely cost-competitive compared to an in-house setup and allows for optimal execution on wholesale markets.

what does your typical customer look like?

a typical customer would be a direct marketer or an organization with up to 1GW of installed capacity without 24/7 shift trading in place.

how does a co-located battery next to my renewables factor in?

co-located batteries are part of our standard service and can be optimized by us without interfering with your existing renewables marketing. you can find more information here.

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