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absorbing and releasing excess energy at the right time

the fast-response safety net

the flexibility offered by pumped power storage has become increasingly important for the energy transition: it’s a clean, speedy and efficient way of balancing out variable renewables. at the same time, additional value can be generated by leveraging the volatility on short-term power markets.

while balancing markets support the TSO with short-term deviations, marketers of renewable assets must ensure ideal balancing before physical delivery. this allows for the partial marketing of pumped storage flexibility on spot markets with enormous spread, not least because the volatility and price points have increased dramatically due to the energy crisis.

pumped storage

"pumped hydropower is the greenest storage type we have, but beyond seasonal and grid-stabilizing purposes, it remains somewhat underused. in commercializing these assets on intraday markets, we increase their monetary value while saving emissions in the process."

Alberto Alberti
senior sales expert Iberia & US
Alberto Alberti enspired

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spot markets and their ever-increasing volatility provide an excellent opportunity to arbitrage spreads within a day or even across several days. while it’s close to impossible for a human to trade products and consider technical restrictions at the same time, fully automated trading enables you to leverage this opportunity on the continuous intraday market. we use vast amounts of data to optimize the return of your storage assets by dynamically adjusting trading behaviour while detecting price trends and market movements.

wholesale markets, meanwhile, are dominated by algorithms, which means profitable improvements require innovative technology.

we programmed our high-performance trading platform to train models with more than 7 billion data points, all the while guaranteeing the fastest possible execution of trades – in a volatile market where algorithms compete for the best deals, speed is imperative. our models are optimized across auctions and continuous markets to maximize profit.


pumped storage

why should I optimize my pumped storage on wholesales markets?
how do you handle technical constraints for pumping and turbining?
do I need the full pumped storage capacity for commercial optimization?
why should I optimize my pumped storage on wholesales markets?

as with any type of flexibility, having access to as many markets as possible is key for revenue stability. liquidity and volatility of wholesale markets are highly correlated with the ever-increasing share of renewable generation. with long storage durations and high capacity, pumped storage can partially replace conventional power generation in tight market situations and achieve higher spreads than ancillary services.

how do you handle technical constraints for pumping and turbining?

the numbers and types of turbines are decisive for applicable technical restrictions. we cover primary constraints such as pumping/turbining capacity, reservoir capacity and round-trip efficiency as well as more complex constraints such as switching times between different modes or specific reservoir setups.

do I need the full pumped storage capacity for commercial optimization?

no, we add value by extending your existing optimization with a wholesale revenue stream. what we typically do is optimize the virtual portion of your asset, which is then integrated as part of the final dispatch.

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