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turning power consumption into strategy

a successful shift to clean energy requires a more flexible power system. managing flexible demand on spot markets has not yet passed the critical mass and presents a tremendous opportunity for innovators to actively shape the market. in the past, consumption followed a very predictable pattern and enabled utilities to dispatch their assets accordingly.

with the rise of renewables, every option to increase flexibility has gained value. the ability to increase and decrease consumption or even to shift load in time has become equally valuable for other forms of flexibility provision.

flexible demand optimization of power supply for production lines

“the potential of demand-side flexibility is enormous, but it largely sits idle. let's use it to effortlessly and cost-effectively strengthen grid resilience, expedite the energy transition and leverage profitability on short-term power markets.”

Cécilia Masut
senior sales expert France & Benelux
Cécilia Masut enspired

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flexible demand is very asset- and process-based. rest assured that we know how to handle all commercial and technical restrictions such as marginal costs, min/max charging speeds, ramps and minimum loads.

typical scenarios include:

  • smart charging: charging your fleet of EVs at the right time can save you up to 40% of energy costs. integrating signals from substations to manage the load provides additional grid support and helps avoid peaks in consumption.
  • heat storage: using electricity for heating gives you the opportunity to shift consumption over time, which supports the grid with flexibility while saving money.
  • power2gas: running your electrolyzer based on short-term power prices supports the grid when too much electricity is generated. the innovative use case of sector coupling as energy storage can also be put into operation with our service.

"some years ago, we decided to put an added focus on sustainability. with the support of enspired, we can make our demand flexible, which in turn increases our contribution to the energy transition."

Bernd Protze
managing director of VNG Gas Storage

flexible demand

why does it pay off to make my demand more flexible?
how do I know if my use case is commercially feasible?
what types of technical and commercial constraints do you consider?
can I use your service to procure electricity?
why does it pay off to make my demand more flexible?

at the moment, flexibility is mainly delivered by dispatchable generation units or storage assets as they have been built with these capabilities in mind. actively changing demand tends to be more complex and involves concurrent processes such as shifting production or buffering heat with the help of storage. the clear advantage of flexible demand is that it can react to the short-term variations in power prices and therefore lead to substantial cost savings while supporting the grid.

how do I know if my use case is commercially feasible?

we support you with a realistic valuation of your existing or planned flexibility by using billions of data points to simulate results over the last 24 months. the simulation of different scenarios helps you decide which of the planned measures have the biggest impact on profitability and emissions savings.

what types of technical and commercial constraints do you consider?

depending on your technical setup, we typically cover staggered marginal costs, connected blocks for delivery (all-or-none) and minimum run-times for increasing demand. if storage is part of the setup, we work with a flexibility description that represents the relation between capacity and energy (in form of heat or cold) that can be shifted.

can I use your service to procure electricity?

buying and selling on short notice is a standard feature of our service as it is required in case of unplanned outages, redispatch or must-run requirements. nevertheless, as we are not a supplier, we only procure electricity as part of or preparation for a flexibility use case.

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