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High five' with enspis - Johann Schütz
Chief Information Officer

1. Could you please describe your professional career so far? What were the most influential periods in your life? Why?

Despite working in the IT sector for 20 years now, I would consider myself a career-changer. Starting  as a trained car mechanic, IT was simply something that excited me for the time being. But why shouldn't I make my passion my profession? After attending various night schools and intensive training, I had the opportunity to start my professional career as an IT administrator at a large company. After some time, I got the offer for a management position. Since I enjoy working with people and feel comfortable in leadership roles, I quickly advanced my skills, and after a few years, I was already leading a team of about 50 people spread across the CEE region.

Four years ago, I got a call from a former work colleague Cornelia, asking me if I could imagine working at a smaller company. Since I love challenges, after a short consideration, I accepted the offer to start my new job as Head of Operations at the software producer VisoTech. It was also my first step into the exciting energy industry world.  I have not regretted that decision to this day. Not only was I able to gain a lot of experience but I also learned to appreciate the advantages of working in a small business.


2. Why have you decided to become a part of enspired?High five' with enspis - Johann Schütz

I can still remember the first conversation I had with Jürgen – the idea of "fully automated energy trading" immediately excited me. The thought of being able to build something from the ground up, together with great colleagues, seemed very appealing to me and was a new challenge that I could not miss out on. After eight months, I have not regretted this decision a single day.


3. In your view, what factors determine a modern infrastructure? What has changed over the years?

I could probably write or discuss this topic forever. The factors that characterize a modern infrastructure are availability, performance, flexibility, and, of course, the security aspect. For me, availability and security always come first. Whereas in the past, you had to think about how, for example, I could distribute my infrastructure over at least 2 data centers and what security components or measures I needed for this, you now have infinite possibilities with various cloud solutions. From my point of view, no one who takes mentioned above into account can avoid the cloud-topic. Redundancy, availability, fast scalability, short time-to-market, cost efficiency, and high security are a matter of course for professional cloud providers.

Particularly in the information’s security area and data protection, a lot has happened in recent years, and the portfolio is vast these days. You can draw on the full range of resources. This development is particularly beneficial for SMEs. Every company, no matter how small can build  modern, highly available, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Nevertheless, a lot of well-invested work goes into the planning of a modern infrastructure. one is spoilt for choice from a multitude of offered services, which have to be selectaccording to one's needs


4. Where you search for work inspiration? / newest information regarding your field of work? 

The daily exchange with colleagues is one of the most important inspirations for me. Of course, I get new ideas and information on various online platforms, which I, in return, share with colleagues and get their opinions. The security area of IT has always been an important aspect for me and of high interest. That is why I regularly attend lectures and congresses on that matter. As part of a CISO online community, I have the opportunity to get important new information and inspiration there.


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