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High five' with enspis - Cornelia Habetler

chief financial officer


1. Could you please describe your professional career so far? What were the most influential periods in your life? Why?

I graduated from a technical school for IT and economics and was hired by an internet provider right away. Working as a Linux and network administrator created the base of my broad technical knowledge. After switching to an IT outsourcing provider, I quickly became a team leader and was able to combine technical expertise with management skills. 

Being a people person and able to grasp IT-related topics, I found myself in versatile positions like Service Delivery Manager, Service Architect, and People Manager in local and international departments. Although there were many career opportunities, I became tired of the political and short-term thinking of big enterprises that seemed to be ever-present. Hence, I decided to start working as Head of Operations for VisoTech in 2015, when the company was still relatively small. In 2016 the role of Head of Finance, HR & Business Administration became vacant, and I acted as a stand-in. Having been in the IT business for more than 15 years at that time, I really liked the new challenges that came with being responsible for finances and HR. That’s when I decided, it was time for a career change! I gave up the Head of Operations position and moved on to working with numbers and people. 

Looking back on my career so far, I really value the broad spectrum of jobs I have done. Every position advanced different skills – problem-solving, coordinating, prioritizing, talking to clients, team members, and colleagues, revenue-, cost-, and profit management, de-escalation, and many more.  


2. Why have you decided to become a part of enspired?

There simply was no other way! The business idea of enspired, the team of experts and the possibility to start from scratch – who could say no to that? 

I immensely enjoy building a work environment that people love! I thrive on challenges and want to enable a business to grow by providing an excellent service (hopefully soon with my own team). All of this is happening at enspired, and I wake up every day to a job I love. 


3. In your opinion, how does an ideal work environment look like? 

An ideal work environment is a combination of many factors. It is a mix of all the good things I’ve encountered over the years – like flexible working hours, remote work options, top-notch work equipment, an attractive office, competitive salaries, and a company culture that encourages open communication, unity, teamwork, life-long learning and equality. However, I find the most influential factors are the colleagues and leaders you work with. Having a team that trusts each other and leaders that recognize employees for their hard work has an immense impact on employee satisfaction and happiness. This also creates an environment where people feel like they can bring in their own ideas, get creative and speak up, which is a major factor in the success and growth of a business.

At enspired, we try to combine all of these factors. It is my job to find talents that thrive in this kind of culture and are a perfect addition to our hand-picked team of experts.


4. Where do you search for work inspiration / newest information regarding your field of work? 

I’m reading books and magazines, listening to podcasts, following a ton of different sites on social media, and I’m discussing news with experts. But all this information is useless until you get feedback from the people that will be affected by it. That means, I talk to my colleagues and try to find out what drives them.